Corona Virus Relief

As the coronavirus shakes the entire world, the crisis is also hitting the economy and lives of people in Bangladesh hard. The situation in Bangladesh remains highly vulnerable as hundreds of thousands of people are at high risk of disease spreading. The poor and needy people fear the lack of employment and income with restricted mobility.

With the ongoing pandemic, the Rohingya Refugees at the camp are at greater risk due to overcrowding and lack of sanitation.

We provided emergency aid and food assistance to the needy Bangladeshi people as well as Rohingya refugees. We provided them safety items- masks, gloves, sanitizers.

Furthermore, an adequate amount of PPE was provided to the government authority for distribution to health service providers who are serving medical care to the sick at their own risk.

At the Rohingya refugees camp BASMAH medical team is working round the clock by reaching out to the refugees with awareness messages and distributing soaps and masks and providing urgent medical care.

Your support is required now more than ever. Please help us provide equipment and medical care to fight the spread of COVID-19. Every dollar counts. Please continue your support for BASMAH


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