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Clean Water Provide sanitized water for impoverished families and help tackle water-borne diseases and water crisis during the dry season.

Donate for Clean Water

Water supplies are a major issue for impoverished families. In this part of Bangladesh, we experience a water crisis during the dry season – from the end of November through April or May.

Our donors’ support has helped us dig wells that provide clean and sanitized water at the rural communities and also in Rohingya camps. We maintain these wells to ensure a permanent source of clean water.

The process to dig a tube well is labor-intensive and requires survey and planning. With unrelenting efforts by the Basmah Foundation team, we have installed tube wells in many parts in Bangladesh. At the Rohingya camp we have installed over 20 tube wells.

The cost of tube well installation varies depending on the level of underground water is different in areas. The cost is $250 for normal areas in Bangladesh, $500 in cyclone affected areas and $ 2500 in Rohingya refugee camp hilly region approximately.  As the Rohingya camp is based in a hilly area of Cox’s Bazar, freshwater has to be retrieved deep within and thus cost more during installation

Donate for Clean Water
Donate to Multiple Campaigns


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