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 Children’s Learning Center Thousands of children at the local community and Rohingya Refugee Camps are in need of education.

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A high unemployment rate in Bangladesh perpetuates a poor economy, which robs children of the opportunity to make a living. We provide youth with the opportunity to be trained in areas such as basic education, typing, and design. Education paves the way to a brighter future for these children. By joining our programs, they will have the ability to be employed in a more established career, where they can live their lives without turmoil and support their families financially.

In collaboration with Basmah Foundation, we have established children learning centers in Nunertek in Narayanganj, Mymensingh, and in Cox’s Bazar. We provide the children with the skills needed for them to obtain a successful life. Many orphans also study in our centers. Our centers provide free books, snacks, school dress and bags, and other necessary items.

Your donation today can shape a child’s future by giving them the gift of an education.

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To empower people and enable them to help themselves and their communities. Short-term help is great but long-term stability is the goal. Our projects are developed with the hope of long-term growth for communities all over Bangladesh.


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