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An Orphaned Child Today!


 Support an Orphan You can help change a child’s life and future by providing education and care.

Donate to Orphans

Your support helps change a child’s life for a better future. This Sadaqah Jariyah will help provide an orphaned child with the necessary care and guidance.

  • necessary shelter
  • healthy meals
  • clothe
  • healthcare
  • education to have a better life. 

Support BASMAH Orphanage to Ensure a Bright Future for Them

Imagine the impact that you can have on orphan children by supporting their education. Orphan children deserve education and care to have a safer life. Supporting BASMAH orphanages is an opportunity for everyone to make a lasting difference in the lives of the children whilst earning an endless divine blessing and reward.
BASMAH runs orphanages and schools and provides them the care, guidance, and tools they need to succeed in the future. Our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) teaches us, we must protect and support vulnerable orphans. Please support to help and nurture the orphans and helpless children.


Model of our future school

Donate to Orphan School
Donate to Multiple Campaigns


In our other projects

To empower people and enable them to help themselves and their communities. Short-term help is great but long-term stability is the goal. Our projects are developed with the hope of long-term growth for communities all over Bangladesh.


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