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 Children’s Learning Center Thousands of children at the local community and Rohingya Refugee Camps are in need of education.

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The humanitarian crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State has driven a massive number of Rohingya refugees across the border into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh since 2017. These refugees include innocent children just like ours, but extremely unjustified cruelty has stolen them the opportunity to have a bright and educated future, something we wish for our children.

At the Rohingya Refugee Camps, the children are in need of education. We are making an elaborate effort to restore that opportunity for them. We need to make sure the future of these children is not uncertain, therefore providing them with education is of absolute importance.

In collaboration with Basmah Foundation, we have established 6 Children’s Learning Centers which provide the children with the opportunity to learn and grow. The center strives to provide them emotional and moral support on top of educational classes five days a week. Every day over 80 students are learning in each Centre. We provide them free books, note pads, snacks, school uniforms, and school bags.

Visit our Children’s Learning Centers:

  1. Children Learning 1 at Camp 14, Block E-5 Hakimpara, Ukhiya in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh 
  2. Children Learning 2 at Camp 01, Block 01 Lombashya, Kutupalong in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh
  3. Children Learning Center 3 at Camp 14, Block 18, Hakimpara in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh
  4. Children Learning Center 4 at Camp No 13, Block No A-6 Thaingkhali, Barmapara in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh
  5. Children Learning Center 5 at Camp No 14, Block No M-13 Hakimpara, Thaingkhali, Ukhiya in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  6. Children Learning Centre 6 at Camp 13, Block C-35, Barmapara, Thaingkhali, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

The Rohingya children have suffered far more than you can imagine. Put an end to their misery and help create a brighter future for a Rohingya child by supporting us. 

Donate to Learning Center
Donate to Multiple Campaigns


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