the Rohingya refugees

Rohingya Refugees

 More than 1.3 million of them have fled to Bangladesh as refugees because of the ethnic cleansing occurring in their country

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More than 1 million Rohingya refugees live in makeshift camps made of bamboo and plastic. The Rohingya refugees (Muslims of Myanmar) are considered one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world. They have been subject to the ethnic cleansing that occurred in their country and fled for their lives to neighboring country Bangladesh with barefoot and whatever clothes that had on. These refugees depend on humanitarian aid for shelter, food, clothing, and healthcare, child education- for everything. International and local aid agencies are struggling to adequately serve this massive number of refugees with services on shelter, food, clothing, and healthcare. BASMAH has jumped into serving these refugees to alleviate their sufferings. Since the time of this crisis began in 2017, BASMAH has been working directly inside the camp and offering serval services and programs to help these people. BASMAH programs include:

Medical care

Child education

Clean water

Orphan care

Food aid in Ramadan and Qurbani

Winter clothes

Disaster relief & Emergency support

Skill training & income generation for refugee women

Hygiene & Health for women

Please support BASMAH to serve these deserving people. Our goal is to connect your generosity directly to giving people dignity, value, and better opportunities.

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To empower people and enable them to help themselves and their communities. Short-term help is great but long-term stability is the goal. Our projects are developed with the hope of long-term growth for communities all over Bangladesh.


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