Covide 19 Emergency

COVID-19 BASMAH Assistance in Pandemic

COVID-19 emergency help by Basmah

Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity, USA, came forward to provide assistance during the covid-19 pandemic. The impact of the mass lockdown was severe on the society and economy. The fear of the disease itself, its contagious nature and the unavailability of appropriate treatment grabbed people.

The health workers and law enforcement personnel risked their lives in providing medical treatment to the patients and ensuring the law-and-order situation in the country. There was a huge scarcity of essential food items. People from the low and middle-income groups were hit hard.

Corona Virus Relief

BASMAH provided personal protective items (PPE)

BASMAH provided personal protective items (PPE) to health departments, especially for the doctors, paramedics, nurses, and health workers who were the front-line workers in Bangladesh during the pandemic. BASMAH also provided 10,000 PPE to the Home Ministry- for the police department with – masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and aprons to protect themselves.

BASMAH helped the non-government organizations to protect their employees from coronavirus with masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, soap, headcover, and goggles.

BASMAH provided masks, soaps and hand sanitizers

BASMAH provided masks, soaps and hand sanitizers to the Rohingya refugees and other poor people in Bangladesh. The situation at the Rohingya refugee camp was really vulnerable. About 1.3 million Rohingya refugees have taken shelter in 34 congested make-shift camps in Cox’s Bazar area in Bangladesh. The unhealthy living condition, lack of adequate food and medical care, and the hygiene situation put the Rohingya refugees at a high risk of getting affected by the pandemic.

BASMAH provided food baskets

Rohingya refugees to ensure their food security. BASMAH also provided soaps and hand sanitizers and masks for the refugees and especially for the children who attend BASMAH learning centers inside the camp. BASMAH runs six learning centers inside the camp and hundreds of Rohingya children come to the learning centers every day for education.

BASMAH distributed essential food items and health equipment for free among the poor people in 53 areas of Bangladesh. The food package contained rice, pulse, soybean oil, potato, onion, sugar, flour, salt, soap, and many other daily usable products.

BASMAH founder and CEO Meer Sakhawat Hossain said that more than 15 projects have been successfully implemented in the Rohingya camps by the organization. BASMAH has also distributed food items and health equipment among distressed people in the USA.

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