Disaster Relief for the people affected by natural disasters, which results in an acute shortage of food, pure water, and toilet facilities.

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“Situation Is Bad”: 4 Million Stranded, 25 Killed In Bangladesh Floods

“Just 2 weeks ago, Bangladesh faced a flash flood and now another blow”

Please urgently support thousands of flood-affected people who are in need of desperate assistance.

Recent Update From The Ground: 

A sudden, massive flood has engulfed the Sylhet district in Bangladesh and the water level is rising up. The floodwater has inundated the entire district, crop fields, cattle, and houses leaving thousands of people in severe calamity.

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To empower people and enable them to help themselves and their communities. Short-term help is great but long-term stability is the goal. Our projects are developed with the hope of long-term growth for communities all over Bangladesh.


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