Disaster Relief for the people affected by natural disasters, which results in an acute shortage of food, pure water, and toilet facilities.

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Please support urgently thousands of flood-affected people who desperately need assistance.

A sudden, massive flood has engulfed the northern parts of Bangladesh -Lalmonirhat and Kurigram and nearby districts in less than two days’ time, water level rising up to 6 feet high and destroying crops, cattle, houses leaving thousands of people in severe calamity.

BASMAH Team is on the Ground to Provide Emergency Assistance

BASMAH emergency team is already in the affected districts, assessing the damages and arranging urgent relief to alleviate the suffering of the people. People need food, water, first aid, and essential items in this crisis.

Almost half the districts in Bangladesh are being ravaged by worsening floods that are destroying crops and driving people from their homes in several impoverished regions. According to UNICEF, among the people estimated to have been affected by flooding, around 1.3 million would be children, who are the major victims of drowning. Others are affected by diarrhea, respiratory tract infection (RTI), and skin diseases 

The floods wash away the few things that count as assets for some of the world’s poorest people — their farm animals, houses made of mud and tin, sacks of rice stored for the season, croplands, etc.

With the pandemic affecting the world globally, the poor continue to have challenged more than ever. People are living a very miserable life due to the acute shortage of food, pure water, and toilet facilities. Women, in particular, are facing increased difficulties. Tube wells are submerged and they are forced to drink water from the river. People are also dying from diarrhea, snakebites, and lightning. Emergency food supplies, makeshift toilets, and tube-wells in flood-hit areas are needed.

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