Sadaqah in Islam

In Islam, many acts can lead to immeasurable rewards – these acts are commonly referred to as Sadaqah.

Sadaqah is an act of giving in a recurring way. For example, if you were to invest in building a well, that well would provide clean water to those drinking from it for as long as it stands. This means you will continue to receive the reward of providing water for as long as it stands.

Another example could be of planting a tree, that tree would then go on to provide shelter for as long as it stands – meaning you shall receive an ongoing reward for as long as it stands, too.

“Surely the men who give sadaqah and the women who give sadaqah and have advanced a good loan to Allah SWT; for them it will be multiplied and for them there is a noble reward.”

The Holy Qur’an (57:18)

Types of Sadaqah to Contribute Towards

There are many different types of sadaqah one can contribute towards and we hope you will be inspired by these ideas and engage in ongoing charity for the people of today and the future.

Sadaqah: Sponsoring or Educating a Child or Orphan

Today, there are many millions of children worldwide who are missing the most essentials needed in life such as food, shelter, healthcare, and support. Participating in child sponsorship can ensure that not only the possibility of a prosperous future, where the skills they learn can be utilized in driving the community forward.

Educating a child can reap countless rewards for years to come by securing the future of a child, their family, and even the surrounding community, making it one of the most popular types of sadaqah. After all, the children of today are the future of tomorrow.

Sadaqah: Teaching Skills

Spreading knowledge is highly rewarding in Islam and as Muslims, we are responsible for sharing the correct knowledge. If you provide training for a certain job, such as teaching a woman how to sew, she can learn from you, follow your advice, open a business and prosper, and also teach someone new. You can gain reward for as long as it lasts.

Sadaqah: Providing Clean Water

There are millions of people around the world who have very little or no access to clean, safe drinking water. Your sadaqah towards an Islamic charity campaign providing clean water which aims to provide those in need with access to clean, safe, hygienic water by building water wells and hand pumps.

Although this is a relatively simple act, it can be incredibly life-changing for communities without any access to a water supply, and the rewards for your contribution shall continue for as long as others are benefitting from it.

Sadaqah Invests in the Hereafter

Throughout life, we invest a lot of money, time, and effort into achieving our various personal goals and dreams. We should remember to give just as much energy and focus to investing in our Hereafter as this is where the rewards are the greatest; not only for our today but even long after we have passed away.

May Allah SWT reward us all for our good deeds and acts of sadaqah, and may He grant us all a place in Jannah. Ameen.

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