Rohingya refugee learning center

BASMAH is running six learning centers to provide free education to Rohingya refugee children inside the camp.  BASMAH learning centers provide free school dresses, bags, books, note pads, pencils, and tiffin. The refugee children are happy as they get the education, support, and encouragement from our learning centers. Please support generously to continue the education program for the refugee children at

The humanitarian crisis has stolen the opportunity for the innocent Rohingya children to have an education and a bright future, something that we normally wish for our children. The percentage of children deprived of education among the Rohingya refugees is high, approximately 40%.

BASMAH is making an elaborate effort to restore that opportunity and make sure the future of these children is not uncertain, therefore providing an education to them is of absolute importance.

BASMAH in collaboration with Basmah Foundation has established six Children Learning Centers that provide the children with the opportunity to learn and grow. The centers provide them emotional and moral support on top of educational classes five days a week. Every day over 400 students attend our learning, Centers. We provide them with free books, note pads, snacks, uniforms, and school bags.


Learning Center


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