Winter Cloths

Winter Cloths distribute by Basmah

Winter Cloths distribute by Basmah

By Tahia Asad of Purple Sheek Media

As temperatures continue to fall drastically in December and January, the lack of winter clothes and the shortage of firewood has increased the suffering of the underprivileged in Bangladesh.

Winter Cloths distribute by Basmah

Bangladesh, a tropical country brings winter for only two months. For the middle class and above, the celebration of festivals such as the wedding season, winter vacation, barbeques, food festivals; makes winter an enjoyable month. But those under the low-income groups that consist of half of the population in Bangladesh, have little means to fend off the cold. For them, the winter is a nightmare.

As the temperature falls and the persistent cold wave sweeps the country, those ill-prepared for the chill are on the receiving end. Things turn for the worse as the poor who are not physically strong enough must venture out for work and their children suffer from respiratory tract diseases when exposed to such hostile weather. Those that live in the streets under the open sky, often do not get blankets or warm clothes to protect themselves from the biting cold.

Winter bringing upon its Wrath in the Northern Regions of Bangladesh

BASMAH Winter Appeal project Old Woman . The government has identified 296 regions where people were most affected by cold-related diseases, the northern regions of Bangladesh suffer the most. Villagers are often seen warming themselves around a fire of straw. The people of the slum area, but it is the elder people and children who suffer the worst. Experts say that cold weather kills 20 times more people due to a lack of proper treatment, medicine, and warm clothes are the key reasons.

Lend a Helping Hand to the Poor in Bangladesh this Winter
The government has started to distribute winter clothes for the season but depending on the severity of the situation, the process is moving much slower. Many voluntary organizations, however, have also begun to distribute warm clothes among the people suffering and it is heartening to see people from all walks of life participating spontaneously to reduce the immense sufferings of the underprivileged residents of the country.

Experts say that cold weather kills 20 times more people due to a lack of proper treatment, medicine, and warm clothes are the key reasons.

Two Ways to Help the Poor stay warm this Winter in Bangladesh
As you are trying to keep yourself warm this winter, these are some of the simple things you can do to help those less fortunate:

1. Donate or Give Warm Winter Clothes

There are many ways you can give warm winter clothes. You can either do it individually by collecting your/family’s old winter clothes in several bags and distribute them to those in need, or you can donate to an organization such as BASMAH’S Winter Appeal project.

2. Give Your Groceries/Eatables

Dedicate one day of grocery shopping to give to a poor family/person, or you can also donate to BASMAH’s Feed The Hungry project.

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